Why is sun drop such a awesome drink?

Answer Because its an upgrade from sprite. And sprites already an amazing drink.

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What would be a good way to thank all of my contacts for asking such awesome questions today?

thx darlingu should prepare for all your nice contacts hand made ORECCHIETTE and have a great meal together..but I m too far away.anyway..thx for being my wise and clever american friendgianni

Silly question. Why do they serve Espresso in such little cups & what happens if you drink too much of it?

Contrary to popular belief espresso has roughly the same amount of caffeine per ounce as regular coffee. It all depends on the bean. But in actuality a shot of espresso is only about 60-100mg of ca... Read More »

I've stopped drinking pop and eating candy bars and such. I lift weights twice a day. And only drink water.?

What else is in your diet are you doing reps or max weight

Is it true that adding a drop or two of bleach to each bottle of water you drink will cleanse your body and?

Well yeah.They even make color-safe bleach for non-whites..