Why is stem cell research good?

Answer Stem cell research is a highly advanced process that involves experimentation and studying of a variety of different stem cells. Since 1998, this type of research has been conducted with the goal o... Read More »

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Is stem cell research illegal?

Stem cell research is legal in the United States although some states have specific laws governing the extent of such research. For example, some states do not permit research on fetal or embryonic... Read More »

How to Promote Stem Cell Research?

Stem cell research is the cutting edge of science, and it could hold the possibilities for the cures of several human ailments. Despite its controversial nature, it is not a hard position to defend.

Why is stem cell research beneficial?

Stem cells exist in the body for unspecified purposes, though they have been found to work in other cell functions. Some serious illnesses are caused by abnormal cell division and gene differentiat... Read More »

Stem Cell Research at Universities?

With the distinctive ability to change from unspecialized cells to another type of cell with a more specialized function, stem cells offer hope for treatments or cures for a range of diseases and c... Read More »