Why is speaking English so important?

Answer According to the Modern Language Association, more than 300 languages are spoken in the United States. This provides a rich tapestry of linguistic diversity. Against this backdrop is English, the l... Read More »

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Methods for Teaching English to Non English Speaking People?

The United States is becoming even more diverse demographically.(see ref 2) As many Americans try to prepare their children for a multi-lingual society by enrolling them in schools which teach othe... Read More »

How to Learn English in an English Speaking Country?

Learning a new language can open doors to different cultures and experiences. Learning English in an English-speaking country puts you at an advantage, allowing you to practice English not only in ... Read More »

Why is breathing important for speaking?

Humans have evolved several methods of communication: body language, written language, verbal language, etc. Verbal language, or speaking, is the most common expression of communication.Sounds Crea... Read More »

Why is speaking Spanish important?

Millions of people around the world speak Spanish as their primary language---and not just in countries where it's the native tongue. Knowledge of Spanish enables better communication with these pe... Read More »