Why is solar power better than other energy?

Answer On One Hand: It's Clean and InfiniteSolar arrays, which absorb the light of the sun and convert it into usable energy, neither consume finite resources nor emit harmful waste. Since these two issue... Read More »

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Is solar energy better than coal energy?

Using coal for energy pollutes the air, water and land, and coal is not a renewable resource. Solar energy does not pollute the air, water or land and is a renewable energy resource. For environmen... Read More »

Is solar power better than wind power?

On One Hand: Wind Energy Has AdvantagesWind energy creates electricity when giant windmills have their turbines spun by wind current. Windmills do not require as much ground space as solar plants b... Read More »

Why is wind power better than any other renewable resource?

Wind energy is most attractive because air is a free and unlimited resource. Wind occurs when the sun unevenly heats the earth's surface. Cold air rushes in to "even out" the temperature. This move... Read More »

How to Live Sustainably With Solar Energy (Solar Photovoltaic / P.V. Electric Power)?

large solar panelsSolar energy is an easy-to-use, generally safe, clean, and renewable resource. Here's how to make the most of it for living off the grid, in a developing country, or even outside.... Read More »