Why is sodium carbonate used for water softening?

Answer Water softeners use sodium to remove mineral deposits from water. Dedicated water softening systems use a separate mechanism, but sodium carbonate added to laundry detergent can soften water in a r... Read More »

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What is the pH of sodium carbonate in water?

Sodium carbonate (soda ash) is most commonly used as a water softener. When dissolved in water, the solution (depending on the amount of sodium carbonate and water present) can have a pH ranging fr... Read More »

Is sodium a carbonate or a hydrogen carbonate?

Sodium, in its ionized (charged) form of Na⁺, can combine with a negatively charged ion. Sodium ion assumes a charge of +1, whereas carbonate ion (CO₃²⁻) assumes a charge of -2. If sodium co... Read More »

What Are the Benefits & Uses of Sodium Carbonate?

Sodium carbonate---not to be confused with sodium bicarbonate---is a chemical salt that is sometimes also called washing soda, soda ash, sal soda or soda crystals. Aside from many industrial applic... Read More »

Is sodium carbonate an acid?

Sodium carbonate, also referred to as soda ash, is used in detergent production, glass production and water purification. Sodium carbonate has a pH of 11.6, which means it is highly basic or alkali... Read More »