Why is soda/pop unhealthy for you?

Answer The artificial sweeteners in diet soda can make your body crave more calories.However, if you are at a healthy weight and manage your diet and balance it with exercise, a diet soda shouldn't really... Read More »

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Is this unhealthy to do?

You'll want to keep doing cardio-the only way to have your abs show is to have a lower body fat %. And the way to achieve that is through cardio. But you're right that you'll just keep losing weigh... Read More »

How unhealthy is this?

Yes very unhealthy and a terrible way to lose weight because you would never be able to keep that up.So you would gain all the weight back as soon as you started to eat even just a little bit more.... Read More »

Are pizzelles unhealthy?

yes,you are right...There are far worse choices I could've made, but I was craving cookies. I found a packaged box of pizzelles in the cabinet from Christmas time and dug in before reading the labe... Read More »

Are grits unhealthy?

Answer No. They are just grain, however, additives such as butter or sugar are both unhealthy.Grits are alright. Oatmeal, in comparision, could be said to be healthier, as it's higher in both solu... Read More »