Why is skyrim downloading on steam when i bought the disk?

Answer its a bug, the steam servers didnt validate your install. Pause the download, delete local content and run the disc installer again. the whole game is on disc and it will be way faster. i had same ... Read More »

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Im looking to buy a new graphics card! The games I bought at the moment, skyrim and minecraft, run slow......?

I'm very sorry to say that you are unable to get another GPU. This is due to the fact that it is a laptop, Laptops usually come with their own manufactured motherboard, so you can't add new process... Read More »

Steam Downloading speed good?

Depends on your internet connection speed, the load on Steam's servers, and about a hundred other things. I've personally seen 13 MB/s download from Steam, but I have a 75 Mbps internet connection.... Read More »

How do I burn a disk after downloading BitTorrent?

Burning a Disc After Downloading a BitTorrentOpen "Windows Media Player" through the "Start" button in Windows. Click on the "Burn" tab. Insert a blank CD-R into your drive. Open the folder for the... Read More »

Can you sell games bought on Steam?

You cannot sell any games you have bought through Steam, as all transactions are final. However, many players circumvent this limitation by selling their Steam accounts. This method is against the ... Read More »