Why is size so important to women?

Answer hey it isn't...... the technique is more important than the tool.....

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If my bra size 34d can i wear bra size 32a girl & women only!!!!!!!!!!!!?

then your not wearing the right size for you, so to vic secret, and have them truly measure you, and then you'll see the right size for you, teehee


Well i just did it, and it seems WAY too easy, so i hope this isn't a scam. I had to add an add on to my computer, so i'm really unsure about this one. I'm really thinking it's a scam, so be careful!!

For doctor and women operated...a important question!?

We do hope to get from the answers you receive what you want. The matter for this will light a little starGiselle

What are a few important men and women in the NASA space program?

Well, I can give you a few names of men.Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went up for Apollo 11 in 1969, first men to walk on moon. Aldrin supports pioneers to Mars.John Glenn was the first American t... Read More »