Why is silver iodide AgI a compound used in photography?

Answer Simple answer-it reacts with actinic ("white") light to make images.It can be carried on paper or film in a gelatine base layer.

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Sodium Iodide & Silver Nitrate?

Chemical reactions in which two substances interact to form two new substances are, in theory, reversible. There may be added features that eliminate the reversibility, driving a chemical reaction... Read More »

What type of bond is used for potassium iodide?

An ionic bond is formed when a group 1A metal gives an electron to a group 7A halogen as per the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. In the case of potassium iodide, potassium be... Read More »

Equation of silver nitrate in photography?

When making photographic film, silver nitrate is treated with halide salts of sodium or potassium to form insoluble silver halide in situ in photographic gelatin, which is then applied to strips of... Read More »

What is the compound microscope used for?

The compound microscope's magnification ability makes it indispensable in crime scene investigation, medical research, botany and educational science laboratories. The low cost makes it affordable,... Read More »