Why is school safety important?

Answer Maintaining a safe school environment is a key factor in promoting student learning and success. The National School Safety Center reports a direct correlation between student academic progress and... Read More »

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Why is school fire safety procedure important?

Fire safety procedures are for everyone's benefit, as we all need to know what actions to take in case of an emergency. Children should practice safety procedures, remain calm and follow instructio... Read More »

Why is toy safety important?

Toy safety is important because if the toy wasn't safe the child with the toy could: choke on small parts and dieput out an eye with sharp partsswallow pieces and need major surgery to remove the p... Read More »

Why are safety rules important?

It's important to maintain safety rules at home or work in order to keep people out of danger. Without safety rules, accidents increase and community security collapses.Protects PeoplePeople get hu... Read More »

Why is safety important in a science lab?

Science labs are excellent places for students to gain hands-on experience and enhance the understanding of concepts that are inherently difficult to explain with a lecture or textbook alone. Rules... Read More »