Why is saving called a leakage in economics?

Answer Saving money may be good for you, but it's not necessarily good for the economy as a whole. Money that's saved is money that's not being used for economic activity, which is why economists refer to... Read More »

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Is economics called the science of decision-making?

According to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, economics is the science of decision-making. It says that students of economics learn to identify each important economical decision and anal... Read More »

Money Saving Ideas on Saving the Planet?

Little things help save you money, and little things can help save the planet. Learning how to go green means learning how to be constantly conscientious of the planet. When you participate in smal... Read More »

What is grid leakage?

The correct term is grid leak. Grid leak is a physical component, a resistor within the vacuum tube. Currents from the resistor run through the circuit of vacuum tubes in the radio. The current fro... Read More »

The Reasons for an Oil Seal Leakage?

Oil seal leakage can occur in various areas of a vehicle's engine, such as the front seal, rear main seal or crankshaft. Engine oil seals serve two functions. They prevent oil from leaking out of t... Read More »