Why is sata hdd not booting on ide motherboard ?

Answer "NTLDR" means "NT-Loader". It is the boot manager of Windows until Windows XP. If a computer has more than one hard drive those receive numbers from the BIOS, starting at "0". Adding one HD means y... Read More »

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How do I Stop a Dell Motherboard Searching for a Second Hard Drive on Booting Up?

If your Dell motherboard is searching for a non-existent second hard drive during the boot process, this means that your primary boot device is set to this hard drive. Your Dell motherboard will co... Read More »

Is this motherboard sata 1 or 2?

Are you sure that is the motherboard model or do you have an Acer FMP55 computer?!?

How to Install a SATA Driver on an MSI K8N Motherboard?

Install an SATA driver on an MSI K8N motherboard to enable the four SATA ports and built in RAID controller. MSI makes it easy to locate and install the drivers for their motherboards by using thei... Read More »

Gigabyte motherboard sata raid URGENT!!!?

raid means: redundant array of inexpensive disks. you wont need those drivers UNLESS you want to buy another identical drive in the future and raid them together. so no, for a one HDD set up you sh... Read More »