Why is radiant flooring beneficial?

Answer Radiant flooring is one of three primary types of radiant heating. Radiant heat systems directly transfer heat from the hot surface (floor, walls, ceiling) to a room similar to how a stove top heat... Read More »

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Bamboo Flooring & Radiant Heat?

Bamboo flooring is becoming a popular option for energy-conscious American homeowners. Radiant heat is also popular, because it is energy-efficient and works well with hardwood surfaces. However, r... Read More »

Flooring Options for Radiant Heat Floors?

Radiant heating is a heating system that radiates heat from the floor. Some systems use insulated wires that produce heat through electrical resistance, while others use pipes that channel boiling ... Read More »

How do you put tile over radiant heat flooring?

Check previous questions on the same subject, here is the link for the step by step installation and the second link is for the video Step by Step Read More »

Can I put wood over radiant cement flooring?

Yes, you can put wood over radiant cement flooring. Before installation, be sure to allow the subfloor to release as much moisture as possible. Also, you should use a vapor retarder between the sub... Read More »