Why is pure water neutral?

Answer A few simple facts about acids and bases will explain the reasons that pure water is a neutral substance.AcidsThe Bronsted-Lowry definition of an acid is any substance that can donate a hydrogen io... Read More »

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How does pure water from the west coast compare to pure water from the east coast?

What is the difference between soft water& pure water?

There is no real difference between soft water and pure water. It is a matter of semantics. Both types are water from which minerals have been removed through various methods.Soft WaterSoft water i... Read More »

Is pure distilled drinking water,bottled spring water?

Does salt water or pure water boil the fastest?

Pure water boils faster. The presence of a salt lowers the vapor pressure of salt water compared with pure water, so more heat energy is required to vaporize its molecules.References:Sciencebase: S... Read More »