Why is pure water a poor conductor of electricity?

Answer Water, in its purest form, is a poor conductor of electricity. That is because pure water has a low or nonexistent concentration of ions.Pure WaterPure water is considered water that has been physi... Read More »

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Is pure water a good conductor?

Pure water is not a good conductor of electricity; this is because pure water contains few ions for the electrical current to pass through. A good conductor contains many ions.Source:Texas Woman's ... Read More »

Is pure water a conductor or an insulator?

Pure water is an insulator. An insulator is a substance that allows for little to no movement of electrons within it. Substances that allow free or relatively unimpaired movement of electrons are k... Read More »

Is pure water an electrical conductor?

Water is an electrical conductor, but pure water is a poor one. Ultra-pure water does not have many dissolved ions to conduct the electrical current, but drinking water and seawater have more and a... Read More »

Electricity Conductor Science Projects?

Electrical conductivity is a material's ability to conduct an electric current. Some objects are much better conductors than others. Whether it is for a science fair, a class project or just for fu... Read More »