Why is printer ink yellow, magenta and cyan, and not red green and yellow?

Answer If you're talking about finger paints, then the "primary colors" are red, yellow, and BLUE. You can make nearly any color with those, but there are some ranges which the RYB color model can't cover... Read More »

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Why is my Canon MP610 injecting the cyan ink into the yellow cartridge making it green?

Probably, the only thing to do would be to replace the ink cartridge because the inks are bleeding with each otherThis will happen if you refill the ink cartridges your self. If you bought them and... Read More »

My canon printer suddenly wont print magenta and yellow. I just refilled the ink. What to do?

I really hope you didn't use universal ink. Canons use a very thin ink. If so replace cartridges with name brand before completing the next step. What you need to do now is print head/nozzle clean... Read More »

Why is my printer printing my color photo's in only yellow and green?

your either out of the other colors or the ink has dried on the cartridge and the ink cant get out.

Ink refill kits are they pretty much universal cayan magenta yellow?

If you're considering buying a refill kit, don't.Don't waste your money on the "Universal" refill kits because they can't possibly be formulated to match every cartridge and most cartridges contain... Read More »