Why is printer ink so expensive?

Answer One of the continuing costs of owning a computer is maintaining your printer. You have probably noticed that printer ink can be quite expensive, both in terms of dollars per ounce, and compared to ... Read More »

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Why are lexmark printer cartridges so expensive Is there a brand of printer that is cheaper?

i have a canon pixma 1500 and it is very good , especially photos printing and its not expensive, i get ink cartridges for it from cartridge monkey on the internet and last time i think i paid les... Read More »

Can someone tell me why Printer ink is so expensive?

Printer ink is squeezed from the very rare Printer Octopus, otherwise known as Octopi Inkus.There are only 23 left on the planet and so the ink is a valuable and rare commodity.

What printer would you recommend that isn't too expensive?

Here is a link to available portable printers priced from about $95 for photo printers to ??? for versitile printers…There are many small printers availabl... Read More »

Why are printer cartridges so expensive?

So that they can recoup the losses on supplying the printers cheap - in some cases it is cheaper to dump the printer once the ink is used up and buy a new printer.