Why is poverty a social problem?

Answer The philosophy of free enterprise may suggest that people fall into poverty through making bad personal choices; that poverty is a personal problem. Through its ramifications, however, poverty may ... Read More »

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Is poverty a social issue?

Poverty is a social issue. A social issue is any event or policy that has an impact on an individual person, a large number of people or all of society. These can be things generally perceived as g... Read More »

Social Reform & Poverty Alleviation Act?

The Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act is the title of legislation passed in the Republic of the Philippines in 1997. The purpose of the legislation is to reduce poverty by redistributing ec... Read More »

What Are the Types of Social Provision for Poverty?

Poverty is a condition that makes in nearly impossible to acquire and maintain basic necessities in life such as housing, food, health care and education. The National Poverty Center states that al... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Social Work Students About Poverty?

An understanding of poverty is necessary for anyone who wants a career in social work. Understanding the emotional and social impact on a person going through poverty helps social workers help the ... Read More »