Why is plants reproduction important?

Answer Because it produces plants that make food that other animals eat, and they are eaten by other animals. Essentially, all the energy on earth comes from Plants because they and a few types of fungi a... Read More »

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Why is meiosis important for sexual reproduction?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that occurs in the very early stages of fertilization and pregnancy. Without proper meiosis, the fertilized egg could not proceed through the beginning stages of ... Read More »

Reproduction of Plants & Animals?

Reproduction in living things, whether plant or animal, generally occurs in cycles. All plants and animals have life cycles. Some life cycles are more complex than others, but certain features tend... Read More »

The Reproduction of Strawberry Plants?

Strawberry plants are small, herbaceous perennials. Each plant consists of five essential anatomical structures: the crown, root system, leaves, runners and daughter plants. The crown is a short st... Read More »

Facts on Asexual Reproduction in Plants?

Asexual reproduction is the type of reproduction in which the presence of a sperm and an egg--or any natural equivalent--s not required. It is used by a lot of plants for perpetuating themselves; s... Read More »