Why is plagiarism an important issue in college?

Answer Plagiarism is the practice of using another person's words and ideas in academic writing without giving proper credit. Plagiarism is taken very seriously, since it is dishonest and goes against the... Read More »

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Why is plagiarism a serious issue?

Plagiarism is the act of representing someone else's words or ideas as your own without attributing the content to the creator. Plagiarism is a form a of cheating that can result in being expelled ... Read More »

Why is avoiding plagiarism important?

To plagiarize is to steal an idea or words and pass them off as your own, or to use someone else's words or ideas and not properly credit the source; to commit literary theft, per the Merriam-Webst... Read More »

Important Issues on Plagiarism in Colleges?

Just as financial fraud can range from writing a bad check to a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, plagiarism can rear its ugly head at every level of academic performance. Most colleges' antiplagiarism ... Read More »

Why is plagiarism important when conducting research?

Plagiarism is defined by Purdue University's Online Writing Lab as "the uncredited use (both intentional or unintentional) of somebody else's words or ideas." Research is central to most institutio... Read More »