Why is pickled ginger traditionally served with sushi?

Answer to cleanse the palate in between pieces of sushi

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When is norwegian meatballs traditionally served?

Norwegian meatballs are traditionally served on Norwegian Independence Day, which falls on May 17. They are often served with a potato dish and mashed rutabaga, which is a root vegetable similar to... Read More »

What foods are traditionally served on bonfire night?

Is Baklava traditionally served on a specific occasion i.e. Easter?

Well, Baklava is a Mediterranean dessert more like a TURKISH desert not any otherzz (some countries think they own baklava)... And In Turkey it's traditionally serve it on the month of Ramadan & Mo... Read More »

Pickled ginger - can one eat too much of it?

Gingeris a tasty, aromatic spice that has been a mainstay of Asian and Indian cuisine and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Ginger has been used in traditional Asian medicine to treat na... Read More »