Why is photography used?

Answer Photography is typically used to capture the beauty and finesse in the world. It shows people another side of the world that they would normally never see. Visit the related links below to take a l... Read More »

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How is magnesium used in photography?

The magnesium powder is used as a source of illumination for the photo. Just for the older cameras, the ones we have today use lights not the magnesium powder.

How is Zirconium used in photography?

Zirconium wire was used in older style flashbulbs.

How is math used in photography?

In digital photography it could be used when editing or taking the picture an example could be changing pixels or maybe angles needed for a picture. In manual film cameras math is needed much more... Read More »

How is photography used today?

Can save impotent momentsHelped us see what the civil war was really like instead from what a painter thought it wasStores used photography by using models to advertise clothesMarine biologists us ... Read More »