Why is photography the most universal language?

Answer A photo usually requires no language, so no matter what language you speak you can look at a photo and know what it 'says', without having to read, hear, or speak a single word. That may also be ho... Read More »

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What language is most closely related to the Gaelic language?

Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic are two of six languages in the Celtic language group. According to, the Manx language, also a Gaelic language, is closely related to both of these oth... Read More »

What language was most commonly used in India when Hindi became the official language in 1965?

Information from the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Linguistics explains that prior to Hindi becoming India's official language, English was spoken in all of India's regions. Because ma... Read More »

How to Create a Universal Language Project?

Esperanto has obviously failed to create a universal language, and though everyone needs to have a good ground in English in today's world, we're still quite limited in global communication. Unfort... Read More »

How is engineering drawing a universal language?

Engineering drawings are a universal language because they are understood the world over, and used to convey information from one person to another like writing or speaking. The difference is that ... Read More »