Why is photography restricted in certain places?

Answer There are numerous reasons for restricting photography:Government restrictions to prevent classified information from being captured. Often enforced around military bases.Protection - Museums ofte... Read More »

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Should certain alt meds be restricted to treating self limiting conditions only?

Nate and Lightening have both previously brought up the matter of personal liberties, and maybe it's just the American in me, but there is a part of me that resists the idea of banning things outri... Read More »

Why are beauty marks on the face in certain places attractive?

Becuase it makes people unique, and it makes you look natural and not superficial!A beauty mark by the eyes draw more attention to the eyes!While a mark by the lips make you think of lips (kissing)... Read More »

How to Understand Why Your Cat Chooses Certain Sitting Places?

Is your cat sitting in the strangest place ever and you can't figure out why he/she likes to sit there? Here are some ways to figure it out.

If you buy an iPhone 3G on pay as you go do you get 3g internet in most places or qre there certain spots for 3g?

No you must purchase a data package from AT&T for $40.00, no excuses with them. But if you unlock it you do not have to pay for internet as long as you have wifi were you are