Why is peer pressure a cause of teenage pregnancy?

Answer Peer pressure can cause teen pregnancy because teens might begin to feel like they have to have sex to feel good but they don't take the steps nessiecy to protect them from becoming pregnant to early

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Is neglect a cause of teenage pregnancy?

I don't believe it is the full answer neglect may be a cause of teenage pregnancy yet many teenagers who feel neglected have not automatically gone to sex for the answer!!! I have reason to believe... Read More »

How peers can cause teenage pregnancy?

well peers can cause teenage pregnancy.truthfully im 16.but theres a lot of people that go to me school and they get forced to do something that they don't want to do,but they want to do it to look... Read More »

How to Stand Up to Peer Pressure?

Are you having problems with everyone calling you a baby because you won't do something that you may not want to do? They may really be trying to get you into trouble, which you won't want to get i... Read More »

How to Overcome Peer Pressure?

It's fascinating that people love to put enormous pressure on those they are jealous of. Here's how to deal with all that.