Why is past progressive important?

Answer The past progressive is a grammatical structure that enables people to express many different ideas about the past both verbally and in writing. Without the past progressive, our language would be ... Read More »

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What is past progressive?

According to the Capital Community College Guide to Grammar website, past progressive is a verb tense that combines a past tense "to be" verb with "...the present participle of the verb (with an -i... Read More »

Have you ever been onto Google Earth to look up an important place in your past, only to find it redeveloped?

The houses in which I grew up, are now open fields.So much for preservation orders.

What are the differences between free form digital progressive lens and normal progressive lens?

Donna just made good points about free form lens. One thing I know is that free form digital progressive lens are much more expensive than normal lens, progressive or bifocal. I was once told that ... Read More »

Is Progressive Express Insurance Company the same as Progressive Insurance?

Progressive Express Insurance, headquartered in Riverview, Florida, is a subsidiary of Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. Licensed to operate only in Florida, Progressive Express underwrites a... Read More »