Why is passive smoking dangerous?

Answer Passive smoking, also known as secondhand smoking or environmental tobacco smoking, poses a serious health hazard to people who do not smoke but are exposed to dangerous chemicals by smokers around... Read More »

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Is passive smoking worse than smoking?

On One Hand: Yes, It Is More ConcentratedAccording to Australia's Department of Health and Aging, passive (secondhand) smoking proves much worse than the smoke from a regular cigarette. Passive smo... Read More »

Does passive smoking cause cancer?

most definetly.If anything science have indicated that passive smoking may be even worse than actually smoking the ciggerate yourself

Is smoking really dangerous?

On One Hand: Smoking DangersAccording to the American Cancer Society, the surgeon general released a statement that smoking is the major single cause of cancer deaths in 1982, and this is still tru... Read More »

Is smoking nutmeg dangerous?

On One Hand: It Will Get You HighMany people have smoked nutmeg in the same way they would smoke marijuana. Although nutmeg is a legal substance, it provides hallucinogenic and sense-dulling effect... Read More »