Who invented non stick cooking spray?

Answer Arthur Meyerhoff Sr. and Leon Rubin invented nonstick cooking spray in 1957. They began to market the product in 1959. In 1961, Rubin invented a new nonstick cooking spray and the two men founded ... Read More »

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How to Clean Car Tires With Cooking Spray?

Some people love to wash their cars, but some folks hate to be bothered with it at all. Tires are one of the more annoying parts of the car to scrub. Sometimes it seems like they just never look cl... Read More »

Do I need to use cooking spray with my silicone pan?

Silicone pans are nonstick, but it is still recommended that you spray them with a nonstick cooking spray or apply a thin layer of oil to them before you bake with them.References:Wilton: Silicone ... Read More »

Will daily use of Pam cooking spray reduce laugh lines?

Yes, because your face will be covered with so many zits,no one will be able to see the lines.I know, tried

Do you need cooking spray with silicone baking pans?

Wilton Industries recommends always using a cooking spray for best results when baking in silicone baking pans. Other fats may be used as well, such as butter or vegetable shortening.Source:Wilton:... Read More »