Why is our electric blanket doing this to us?

Answer The blanket has a short. Stop using it & return it.

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What is the differce Warming blanket vs electric blanket?

A heating blanket usually comes in a bed size that you would keep on your bed where as a warming blanket is usually smaller like something you would wrap just your legs or upper body up in. Heating... Read More »

What is the difference warming blanket vs electric blanket?

Electric blanket and warming blanket are two different terms for the same item. In 1990, in the American Journal of Epidemiology published an article about an increased risk of brain tumors and chi... Read More »

How much electricity does an electric blanket use?

Most electric blankets use 40 to 50 watts per hour when set to their low or medium settings, and 75 to 100 watts an hour when turned to the hottest setting.Source:Electric Blanket Institute: Energy... Read More »

How much energy does an electric blanket use?

Over the course of an 8-hour night, an electric blanket uses about 0.35 kilowatt-hours. This assumes a blanket set on 5; a high setting would use about twice as much energy.Source:The Electric Blan... Read More »