Why is oracle installing "outside in" on my computer without my permission?

Answer I have the same issue after reboot of my PC. I have no idea how it evolved in my computer. I was surprised too for a short time and now I'll wait what it will affect my computer...

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Can an ISP access my computer without permission?

No. However, an ISP can record all of your Internet traffic, and should it see that you are accessing illegal content or performing illegal actions online, you can be reported to a law enforcement ... Read More »

How to Fix a School Computer Without Permission?

Virus or spyware laden computers are a blight on the digital landscape. If the cognizant administrators are not willing to manage that which are their responsibility, then someone needs to do it, a... Read More »

Make the computer faster without installing memory or changing the processor.?

- Many users are not aware of how much RAM is used by wallpaper and a screensaver full of graphics -- they run in the background and eat memory. - How many programs do you load at startup? Maybe yo... Read More »

Can a joint custody parent give the school permission to send and receive email about a child to his girlfriend without the other parents permission?

Answer I would certainly question the violation of privacy rights by any school that used email correspondence. A "girlfriend" who is not the biological parent. Has no legal or ethical right to inf... Read More »