Why is online safety important?

Answer Internet safety and security is important because when a computer accesses the Internet, other computers may attempt to send bad data to your computer, which can harm your system or steal sensitive... Read More »

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Why is toy safety important?

Toy safety is important because if the toy wasn't safe the child with the toy could: choke on small parts and dieput out an eye with sharp partsswallow pieces and need major surgery to remove the p... Read More »

Why are safety glasses important?

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can wear is a pair of safety glasses. Many dangerous professions and activities can damage your eyes, even resulting in blindness.ImpactPowe... Read More »

Why is safety important in a science lab?

Science labs are excellent places for students to gain hands-on experience and enhance the understanding of concepts that are inherently difficult to explain with a lecture or textbook alone. Rules... Read More »

How important is work safety?

On One Hand: Depends on the JobFor some positions, workplace safety is of monumental importance. Jobs that require a lot of physical labor, working with hazardous chemicals or operating heavy machi... Read More »