Why is one side of his body bigger than the other?

Answer It depends on several factors: 1. age of the child2. type of ball thrown (hardball, tennis ball, etc)3. distance range that the ball was thrown4. age of chid that threw the ball5. location upon the... Read More »

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Can one side of your facial features be smaller or bigger?

The right and left sides of your body are almost always slightly different. This is normal, and you don't need to worry about it.It is normal for facial features on the left and right side to be sl... Read More »

One side of my Face is bigger than the Other Will this ever go away HEAD SURGERY?

none of us are symmetrical. follow up with your plastic surgeon & neurologist. use a helmet. get counseling for PTSD.

How to Get a Bigger Upper Body?

The upper body is composed of a variety of muscles, so the question of how to get a bigger upper body comes down to how to make all of these muscle groups grow in size.

You are 15weeks pregnant and have a noticable buldge when you lay down but it seems to be bigger on one side than the other is this normal?