Why is one of my friends having a fit at lunch if she does not sit beside us?

Answer Answer She might feel like you are shunning her or are mad at her. She probably just wants to be included. Maybe she has had trouble in the past with losing friends and is afraid it might reoccur.

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Are there any plans for Facebook to allow other options beside "Poke" I have a few Friends I'd like to "Tap"?

If the tap option becomes available, I have a feeling more people are going to have active facebook accounts-heat

Does having less Facebook friends mean you are not as liked?

I currently have 790 friends which isn't that many compared to some people in my school. It doesn't matter how many friends you have on Facebook and it is more of an advantage to have less. It does... Read More »

What does the word perk mean in The perks of having friends?

A perk is a benefit of something. So, the perks of having friends for example would be that you have someone to go to the movies with, etc.

What are you having for lunch today?

I had macaroni & cheese and a tomato salad..