Why is one browser better than the other (Firefox or IE)?


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Cool Web Browser other than Chrome, Firefox, or IE?

There are not many good ones. Like already mentioned, Safari and Opera.Safari is very stable and makes life simple if you have a Mac. Macs make things easy, Safari makes easy, easier. Not very cool... Read More »

Is the Firefox internet browser better than Explorer?

I've had firefox but i prefer explorer. On Firefox, the window is just so much different and annoys me. That'd be the only downsite to it, i guess. Oh, and it goes slower for me.

Is there any good browser better than microsoft internet browser or the one that comes with every computer?

Which browser is better ie or firefox.?

Firefox is better for me while it is faster and simple than MS IE.In addition, there are a lot of plugins for Firefox, that doing my life easier.As for IE - most people use it just because it is st... Read More »