Why is one boob so much smaller the the other boob?

Answer Every woman has a variance in size between one breast and the other unless you buy them, in which case they should be perfect for all that money. You may feel lopsided, but it is normal. You can ta... Read More »

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Should I get a boob job?

If you are otherwise well-proportioned (and 5'4", 110 and toned definitely sounds well-proportioned), at your height, large breasts could make you look heavy.Since you already think you look good, ... Read More »

What tattoo should a 22 yr old have on her boob?

Don't listen to them. They dont know ****. I have one on mine and its is ten years old and still looks like I had it done yesterday. Its higher up on my boob. Its a baby tiger. I still have people ... Read More »

Boob myth?

Hi,This is not true. The exact reason for the breast cancer is not known. There are certain factors that do not cause cancers by themselves, but make a person more at risk for the development of c... Read More »


This is one reason why no reputable health authority recommends breast self examinations on girls under 20. And you are quite correct that you are not supposed to use fingertips but only flat fing... Read More »