Why is on the writting on my internet pages so small i cant see it?

Answer Put your glasses on then!!

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How can i get the writing on internet pages larger, some are very small?

Go to the *Options* menu in your Browser and change the Text size.:-)

My HP Deskjet F4400 prints only blank pages except when I print test pages or alignment pages!!?

How much do small businesses spend on Yellow Pages advertising?

The price of advertising in the Yellow Pages can vary greatly depending on the size of the advertisement and the publication in which the advertisement is placed. The cost of the advertisement can ... Read More »

If all the pages on the internet were printed off.....?

infinity, with server side scripts such as php there are an infinate amounts of pages that can be gerorated. For instance, you print a page w/ a hit counter, then you have to print it again and aga... Read More »