Why is nutrition such an important issue globally?

Answer The most important issue concerning nutrition is the manufacturing processes and standards imposed. Every country has their own standards- some have leniency and other strictness towards acceptable... Read More »

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Why is good nutrition so important during adolescence?

Your body needs the vitamins and nutrition in healthy food so it can grow and mature that includes the brain. And eating unhealthy foods like pizza cheeseburgers pop chips fries etc. All will give ... Read More »

Why is good nutrition most important during teen years?

because those are the years that your body develops the most and therefore needs good nutrition to grow properly

Why is good oral hygiene important to NUTRITION?

Plaque can cause heart disease, clog veins. Oral hygiene promotes healthy gums and teeth which are needed to chew/break down foods

Why is the debt vs. equity issue so important?

Debt and equity are two types of financing that are often considered by start-ups or existing companies that want to expand. Equity is the raising of money by selling company interests to the buyer... Read More »