Why is not not possible to custom build a laptop like a pc?

Answer Because the amount of engineering required for a laptop far exceeds the amount of engineering to build a tower PC.Just think about it logically... a tower PC is large with lots of empty space insid... Read More »

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Is it possible to build your own laptop?

yes multiple sites look for www.directron .com look at their laptop barebones asus makes some great barebonesedit also not that expensive...look at the c90s from asus if they are in stock

Is it possible to hook a laptop to another laptop (to use as external monitor)?

No. Laptop's screen is internally connected to it and can't be connected to any other laptop or pc. However you can connect your laptop to a Monitor if you have VGA port on your laptop. I hope this... Read More »

How to Build a Custom Sub Box?

So you wanna build your own subwoofer box eh? This can be a daunting task for someone who has never built something like this before, but it is still fun and a good learning experience. Materials n... Read More »

How to Build a Custom Computer?

Building custom computers is one of the modern day's type of do-it-yourself skills. Computers have become as necessary as an oven in our homes. Once considered a nerd engagement, it has now become ... Read More »