Delete Messages on Answering Machine: XSA975 Uniden Cordless phone/Answering Machine.?

Answer Play the message. While playing, press and hold the delete button. Don't release the button until it announce 'message erased'.

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What do people say on there texts?

Lol means Laugh out Loud ,BRB mean Be right back ,LMAO is Laughing my A-- off ,Pd means Prom date,and ttyl Means talk to you later.

Can my mom view my texts?

your mom can view your texts if she requests it at a verizon store. if she does not then she can not view them though.

Can your texts be emailed to you?

Yes, if you want to know how using email, see related links.

Can my mom read my AT&T texts?

According my knowledge I think only way she can read them is from your phone. There is no option to order text history only courts can.