Why is myanmar called the golden land?

Answer Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, delights visitors with its golden treasures. It is called the Golden Land because gold is used heavily in the country's architecture and overall decor.Shwedagon Pa... Read More »

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Why is Myanmar called Burma?

The New York Times refers to the nation as Myanmar, while the CIA calls the same country by its old name, Burma. Such is the reality of the southeast Asian nation that since the year of 1989 has ca... Read More »

Why is Burma called Myanmar?

Burma or officially the Union of Myanmar is a country in southern Asia. It is strictly controlled by its State Peace and Development Council and has been the scene of violent political conflict. Wh... Read More »

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What is it called when the government takes your land?

Eminent domain is the power a government has over private property within its bounds, allowing it to purchase said property and designate it for public function. The government negotiates a reasona... Read More »