Why is my *** yellowish female?

Answer C u m is suppose to be clear! Its probably just some discharge, maybe go to a dorctor if your worried, remember to always keep it clean down there ;P

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What does mean of yellowish i am pregnant?

If the bleeding is light and the baby is growing properly there is probably little concern. If the bleeding becomes heavy or you begin passing clots notify your OB immediately. I am assuming your d... Read More »

Why do I have this yellowish discharge?

Your discharge can be clear, milky, white, cream or pale yellow. It can also be creamy, stretchy, slimy, watery or sticky, and all of that is normal.It's nothing to do with your tampons!

Yellowish / green hanging around?

This is the true story of Jack & the Beanstalk.

What Does it Mean If Your Car Leaks a Lot of Yellowish Fluid at Once?

If your car is leaking yellow liquid, it is probably coolant, which keeps the engine from getting too hot. Large leaks should be taken seriously, as loss of too much coolant leads to severe engine ... Read More »