Why is my well water orange?

Answer Well water is ground water---it arrives in the well through the ground reservoir, which is where rainwater ends up after soaking through the earth. The ground reservoir may be just below the surfac... Read More »

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Which plant will grow with coke milk microwave water orange juice and distilled water?

What is better for plants water orange juice or vitamin water?

Answer well i saw 2 experiments that said orange juice makes plants sprout quickly and grow fast so does vitaman Ci hope this helps :D

How to Make Orange Water?

Orange water can be used as a light and fresh cologne or as a fragrant addition to a soothing bath for both men and women. The recipe below is only one of many that are available. Because this reci... Read More »

How much water does an orange tree need?

Newly planted orange trees need more attention and should be watered every day or every other day if the climate is especially dry. Once your tree has been established after a few months, you can r... Read More »