Why is my urine bright yellow?

Answer Yes, it is the Vitamin B. Water soluble, what your body doesn't use comes out bright yellow!

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What does it mean if urine is bright yellow?

Answer I have experienced very bright and/or dark yellow urine after taking vitamins. Some vitamins are more likely to do this than others. I don't know if it's a nutritional thing or a food color ... Read More »

Does bright yellow urine mean your pregnant?

I am pregnant and my urine has become bright yellow?

Go and see the doctor or midwife straight away - this could be serious

Why is my period bright yellow. i havnt had a period in 2 months. im not pregnant. this morning i thought i finnay started but when i wiped it was bright yellow.the toilet was full of yellow not red?

Yellow vaginal discharge is a sign of infection. You should see a Dr right away.