Why is my twin brother protective of me?

Answer He most likely loves you and doesn't want any harm to come to you. But hey, siblings can be annoying:)

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How can you stop your big brother being so over protective?

You either tell him or show him you don't need his over protection or you have to become over protective 2 him and than he'll get its annoying and won't do it anymore.

How to Get Your Over Protective Brother to Trust You?

Are you tired of your older brother treating you like you're 9 years old? Almost every single girl with an over-protective brother does. These are ways that could change that.

Is elder brother always necessarily right when he try to be protective of little sister or dislike her boyfriend or stop her from dating?

Her name is Lisa Jayne ( Whose surname i will not mention).She is Auntie to at least 9 and I'm sure we will all agree she is 1 in a million.i live with her and we have a stronger bond than anyone e... Read More »

Does Eminem have a twin brother?

No. I think he has some siblings, or he is an only child.