Why is my tv screen displaying unusble signal?

Answer You get unusable signal on your TV because your TV is not on the correct input setting to pick up the signal from your device (DISH Network or other provider). You only need to change the input set... Read More »

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Why is my monitor displaying a black screen?

Your video driver probably was updated. You can try rebooting the PC hitting F8 and going to "Last Known Good Configuration" You can also try running a system restore to rollback to before you we... Read More »

How to Fix a Webcam That Is Displaying a Black Screen on Windows?

Various users have problem with their webcams. This wikiHow will deal with a webcam that is giving a blank screen when you try to open it from "My Computer".

Is there a way to hide an open window from displaying on the bottom tool bar of a computer screen?

You could just set the Task Bar to Auto-Hide. This way all apps tasks buttons are hidden until you move your mouse to the bottom of the monitor window.I'm still using Windows XP, and set to Auto-H... Read More »

My big screen is HD Compatible, so how do I get the HD signal?

you have to get a converter box to convert HD digital signal to HD analog component output, if you have a digital cable box with component outputs and are signed up for basic digital cable you will... Read More »