Why is my tounge so white?

Answer Sounds like you have may have a dirty tongue. Brush it off using your toothbrush or a tongue scraper. Tongues are supposed to be pink.

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On my tounge i have have some white spots on it could i be getting thrush?

Jesus, "chris", this is a kid! Did you really have to bring up HIV? Was this appropriate?My friend, what you can do besides keeping an eye on this (which is good advice your mom gave you) is to t... Read More »

I got my tounge pierce and theres a little white bump near the ball how do i remove it?

White bump or white ring around the piercing is normal and to be expected on a new tongue piercing that is healing. Yellow or green paste or fluids anywhere on the tongue, even far from the piercin... Read More »

If i pierced my tounge..?

I don't know but if I were you I wouldn't do it to begin with. I know someone who had it done and it swells "monthly"

Help with something weird on my tounge?

jade, this may sound crazy,but go to your dentist,not doctor.(i am surprised the doctor did not advise you to do that.)its a bit like when you have a problem with your eyes,your first thought is th... Read More »