Why is my start menu at the top of the desktop?

Answer The programming code that goes into Microsoft Windows can get very complex, and this complexity can lead to unusual glitches on your computer's desktop, such as a start menu not being where it's su... Read More »

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How do i remove active desktop from the start menu?

Open the RegistryClick "Start." Select "Run." Type "regedit" and press "Enter." The registry editor will appear, allowing you to browse the Windows registry as if it were a series of directories.Fi... Read More »

How to Copy the Start Menu of a Desktop From One User to Another?

Microsoft Windows allows you to create multiple user accounts for the operating system, designating one or more as "Administrators" and others as standard users. Each user account has a separate li... Read More »

How Are the Windows XP Desktop& Start Menu Different From Those in Windows 2000?

In terms of layout, there's not much difference between the Windows XP desktop and that of Windows 2000. The changes between the two Start Menus are notable, though, as are the overall desktop cosm... Read More »

How Do I Set Up My Icon for the Desktop on My Menu Bar?

The "Show Desktop" icon provides Windows users with a quick way to view the desktop and minimize windows. The command is useful for users who have several windows open at the same time. The shortcu... Read More »