Why is my son's hypothalamus not working properly?

Answer Yes, but you can take him to court and fight for custody.

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Is your computer working properly.......?

Yeah..but sometimes this idiot box misbehaves with me! =( =P

Computer not working properly?

Perhaps it is configured to not sleep/hibernate/shut down when the lid is closed.Other options:The service process is hung or not running. Restarting the computer should solve the issue.The hardwar... Read More »

Alt+tab is not working properly in excel?

There should be no problem with Windows switching between any of the opened applications that are running when you use the shortcut key combination of ALT+Tab.There is a nice little PowerToy availa... Read More »

Marshall amp not working properly?

It is possible that you are playing so loud the sound itself is vibrating the strings of the guitar via resonate frequency making a feedback similar to when you put a microphone too close to a spea... Read More »