Why is my sears riding mower is cutting uneven why?

Answer first three things to check are:1. low tire pressure2. make sure both blades(if 2 blades) are in good shape.3. look at deck. wheels ok. deck level. there are adjustments for deck.\hope this helps.

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How can I fix my Craftsman riding mower from keep cutting off?

Check the switch under the seat,most likely the cause.

How do I adjust a mower deck on a Murray riding lawn mower?

Raising the Mower DeckGrasp the lever located on the left-hand side of the driver. Pull the lever back to raise the mower housing to cut the grass higher.Lowering the Mower DeckTake hold of the lev... Read More »

How to Replace the Starter on a Sears Riding Lawnmower?

When you turn the key on your Sears riding lawn mower, but nothing happens or the starter just spins, a bad starter might be the culprit. If the battery is fully charged and the solenoid fuse tests... Read More »

How to Adjust the Height on a Sears Craftsman Mower?

Adjusting the height on a Sears Craftsman mower is a fairly simple proposition. Each wheel has an adjusting lever (called a wheel adjuster or a cutting height adjustment lever) that raises or lower... Read More »