Why is my right hand always colder than my left?

Answer This has been bugging me for the last 2 days. My apt. is pretty cold and my right hand has been freezing when I am at home. I wonder if it's because I am right handed or could it have something to ... Read More »

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Are the pedals on a right-hand drive vehicle in reverse order than that of a left-hand drive?

Nope, the right pedal is still the accelerator and the gear lever stays between the front passenger and the driver.

Which is the Safest driving-(keep left with right/left hand drive)-(keep right with right/left hand drive)?

Any of those configurations could be equally safe as long as it is consistent. The main problem is when drivers used to one way have to adapt to another. It is extremely difficult at first. It w... Read More »

Why are women colder than men and always seem to have cold hands?

I am a woman and am very hot. That sounds funny! Not that kinda hot. LOL! I mean my body is hot. That sounds funny too! I mean... my husband can't snuggle me very long, I make him too warm. Almost ... Read More »

My left hand typing is fast my right hand is really dumb and slow?